Payment Method

Recommended methods



The main payment method of our online store is Paypal. Transactions with Paypal are safe and with no additional cost, so it is very convenient to use this method, both for us and for you.

Pagamento a rate

Payment in installments is not currently available for our site, but is available at our store.

It will soon be possible to make payments in installments also on the site, check this page to find out when it will be available.

Alternative methods

Using Visa/Mastercard/American Express

The direct use of these cards is not currently available but it is still possible to use the cards on our site. To use them, you simply connect your credit card to a Paypal account and pay on our site through this account, selecting the credit card you want to use.

To find out when and if this type of payment will be available directly, keep checked this page.

Cash on delivery

This type of payment is convenient if you want to collect your product directly in our shop, as you can make the payment with us. It is also the only temporary method to be able to pay through convenient installments.

Any questions?

If you have any doubts or questions don't worry. You can contact us using the form on this page or you can send an email to or